Advise on available methods of doing business (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation), the advantages and disadvantages, and the legal requirements for each

Assistance in finding the appropriate special economic zone location and obtaining available investment incentives

Advice on the equity structure of the corporation/partnership

Assistance in obtaining the necessary approvals, permits, and licenses from the appropriate government agencies

Preparation of necessary documentation such as articles of incorporation, by-laws, partnership agreements, operating agreements, shareholders’ agreements


Advise on general business and commercial transactions, contracts, financing matters, credit questions, collections, insurance matters and day-to-day business questions

Assist in negotiating and drafting contracts and other legal documents to protect the client and achieve results

Advise on the tax consequences and legal risks of business operations and commercial transactions

Advise on the impact of laws and regulations

Preparation of standard and special business contracts

Obtaining the necessary visa/working permit for expatriates


Monitor and prepare corporate authorizations, records, and stock transactions

Advising Boards of Directors on governance matters and on matters where the interests of individual directors, officers, or large stockholders might differ from the interests of the corporation as a whole

Assist in the conduct of meetings of shareholders and Board of Directors and the recording of such meetings


Litigation, arbitration, mediation, and negotiation of all disputes arising out of business operations and commercial transactions


Advise on compliance matters and sound employment practices to avoid liability and legal costs

Review of employment policies, policy manuals and employee handbooks and make recommendations as needed

Monitor changes in laws and regulations and advise on the effect of such changes

Handle matters involving employee contracts and benefits issues

Advise on labor and employment issues that arise in corporate transactions and restructurings, and in issues such as employee discipline, collective bargaining, labor-management relations, strikes and lockouts


Identifying, protecting, licensing, and enforcing intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, patents,
trade secrets) rights

Assist in preventing the unauthorized disclosure and use of intellectual property and other confidential and proprietary information

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